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Whitemud Falls

Whitened Falls

How do I get to Whitemud Falls? The Clearwater River tumbles nearly 300 kilometres off the Canadian Shield in Saskatchewan towards the vast forests of northern Alberta. About mid-way and close to the Alberta border, this small campsite looks down on Whitemud Falls.

Why Go: A Canadian Heritage River, the Clearwater was once an important link in the fur trade route. Today, its wild rapids and pristine nature make it a classic whitewater canoe journey. The upper river is tougher paddling, as the channel runs through boulder gardens, off bedrock ledges and through a couple of canyons. Lower, the valley deepens and the river meanders. Throughout, it cuts through wilderness rich in boreal species.

Highlight: This campsite on a ridge looking down on Whitemud Falls is the best on its run to the Athabasca River.

Deep Lake

Deep Lake

How do I get to Deep Lake? At the foot of Riding Mountain National Park’s western slope, in Manitoba, Deep Lake’s serene campground is perfectly positioned to explore the park’s quieter western side.

Why Go: This might be the most diverse section of the park. Grassland, aspen parkland and boreal forest collide here. Climb onto the escarpment via one of a few trails in the area, and look down on the mixed forests and out onto the surrounding prairie. A swim in the lake at the campground is a refreshing way to end the day and a great place to lily-dip an afternoon away.

Highlight: Load up for an overnight and trek into the park’s backcountry on the Tilson Lake Loop, a 40-kilometre adventure.

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