The Happy Camper: Winter-Isn’t-Over-Yet Gear Review

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Late-winter/early-spring offers some of the best times to go sleeping in the woods. Temperatures are usually warmer, snow is less deep and wildlife begins to come out from hiding (including the snow fleas).

I’ve got a few more winter outing in me before it’s all over with. Here are a few pieces of new gear I picked up for my final trips trekking across the frozen landscape—before the blackflies remind us that winter isn’t something we should really complain about

KIHD Stick Stove ($92)


This is a relatively new stick stove that I picked up at the Toronto Outdoor Adventure Show. It’s a solid stove, made of cold-rolled steel and weighing 540 grams.

The assembly is quite straightforward and I like that a Trangia stove fits perfectly in the centre, in case you want to use alcohol when there’s no dry tinder to be found. The flames stay constant for approximately 20 minutes before needing to be refuelled. The bonus part, however, is a door on the front. This lets you tend the flames while you’re cooking.

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